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Fred Hendriks, your Pelzer Associated Partner in Groningen, Holland

Fred works from a chaordic point of view: in all complex systems - like organisms or organizations - evolution, growth and progress can and will only occur on the edge of chaos, the delicate balance between order and chaos. In his work he tries to accomplish such circumstances. Where things have become too rigid and have started to freeze he puts in his creativity and innovative thinking to add to chaos. On the other hand his analytic physics-, math- and IT-background and organizing talents guarantee the necessary order, structure and results.

Meanwhile Fred is convinced that a good sense of humor is one of the best tools to get things going. He likes challenge in his work and goes for results with a lot of drive and enthusiasm.

Experience and Know-How 

All-round Experiences

Fred is a good communicator. He is open, straightforward and direct. With quite a lot of teaching experience he is used to tune in on an audience and he likes to perform in presentations and group sessions. He also is a good writer with a crisp and clear writing style.

His professional focus lies on chaordic consultancy and change-management. He is a Facilitator / Trainer / Coach and Projectmanager.

Education and Positions

All-round Education

Fred has a degree in business science (IBO Zeist) and a degree in physics (University Utrecht). His specific mix of talent, knowledge and experience make him a real all-rounder. He had successful assignments as manager, consultant, coach and facilitator.

Contact Information

You can reach Fred Hendriks by:

Fred Hendriks

Fred Hendriks

"Being a real professional in the end always leads to the notion or the conviction that nothing is irrefutably important and that no viewpoint is better or more true than any other."

From: Gunstige Vooruitzichten, Ruud Kaulingfreks.


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